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Conflicts are inevitable
Conflicts are omnipresent, even when people working together strive for the same goal, because a dispute is easily settled over the way on how the same goal has to be pursued or over the working strategy. Sometimes these disputes stand on themselves, but often they are closely related to the culture and structure of an organization. And although people become more and more able to speak up for themselves, it remains difficult to deal with critique. This leads to irritation and friction which often remains unheard, until the conflict becomes visible.

Conflicts are undesirable
Conflicts are undesirable for every organization. They cost money, time and energy and can lead to a bad working atmosphere. When a conflict escalates, it can even result in absence or discharge. This naturally has a negative impact, such as high replacement costs, discharge procedures and a possible discharge refund but also loss of knowledge, cost for recruitment and selection and a loss of time introducing new employees into the organization.