Mediation as Action. Conflict management as policy.
The ADR practice “NollenKneepkens mediators+” is specialized in professional dispute settlement and conflict prevention. As experienced mediators, we bring parties with a labour- or business conflict back on speaking terms with a customized approach and on short notice. Strategic solutions as policy and education is what accounts for our plus. Because many conflicts in organizations and companies should and could be prevented with an efficient policy and implementation. We believe that being able to manage conflicts adds to an healthier working environment and consequently happier people. ‘Involved managers provide space for conflict.’

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Intervision without a group!
Our monthly groups for intervision has proven to be successful. As from 2013 intervision is obligatory for mediators. It is required by NMI. This year, 2013 we also offer Peer Intervision for lawyers, in accordance with our method of open subscription.
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