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NollenKneepkens mediators+
It is our believe that optimal communication and positive working relationships are prerequisites for fun at work and consequently contribute to efficiency, happiness and creativity. However, conflicts are an ever-present feature when people work together. It is the challenge to cope with conflicts and turn a negative experience into a positive one. That is why NollenKneepkens mediators+ offers services aimed at strengthening the conflict management skills and own responsibility of people and organizations working together. We mainly work in the Southern part of the Netherlands.

We believe in the value of conflict management and the changes dispute resolution can offer for people and organizations and want to be an Expertise Centre for mediators, lawyers and their clients. We do so by developing new mediation methods and offering a wide range of trainings, workshops, intervisions, supervisions and peer-groups.

We respect people who commit themselves to dispute resolution, because the first step requires courage, courage to face one’s own behaviour and to stand up for one’s interests. We like to help people with courage. And we are strict while doing so, without making a difference between executives or a Board of Directors.
Are you looking for a mediator to save money but are you unwilling to open up to work together for a solution? Than NollenKneepkens is nothing for you, because we highly value motivation and expect sincere cooperation throughout the entire process.